Discovering Arts Music Group offers Music Supervisors music for Film, Television, Advertising, and all other media a combination of one-stop solutions and fast access to audio, copyright information, and song ideas from our catalog.

Discovering Arts Music Group’s Film and TV departments provide Creative Services, Clearance, and Synchronisation Licensing for songs used in motion pictures, television, home video, in-house productions, karaoke, promos, trailers, lyric permissions for books, multimedia, video games, merchandise, ring tones, and virtually any other type of audio-visual use. Our knowledgeable and professional staff is recognized within the industry for having fast response time and negotiating fair fees, while representing D.A.M.G catalog. As we build on our existing client relationships, we remain dedicated to offering the highest level of service to meet your rapidly changing needs.


D.A.M.G Publishing is proud to be the home to original film and television music composers for film scores and unparalleled film/TV administration are just a few of the reasons why Music Supervisors is working with DAMG. We are proud to have an area on our website solely dedicated to the work of film composers in the business. You can browse and listen to audio tracks from our featured composer spotlights and featured genre collections. We hope this section of our site becomes an essential resource when searching for the perfect piece of music for your project, or we can create a score to your requirements with our talented composers.

In an effort to make music searches easier for you, D.A.M.G has developed the Song Lists tool focused specifically on the keywords and subjects that you regularly need. Choose from a wide variety of themes, including: feeling good songs, summer/sunshine songs, female empowerment songs, freedom/protest songs, lucky songs, one hit wonders, covers, rock riffs, party songs, and many more.


D.A.M.G Publishing extensive song search is an invaluable resource during the music clearance process, providing: song split and percentage information for D.A.M.G controlled works; the names of each writer, the performing rights society with which the writer is registered, and the names of each administrator and the affiliated PRS. We even provide info on the master rights and who owns them.

DAMG have a direct deal with all the collection societies around the world. So we are collecting all the money straight to the artists without involving a 3rd party.


For your convenience, D.A.M.G regularly services music supervisors with a variety of themed showcase samplers. We spotlight a range of talent, from hit-makers to emerging artists. Showcase Samplers include tracks to stream or download from the featured artist/writer; as well as contact info for key people on the creative, clearance, and licensing teams. To receive samplers, you will need to complete a D.A.M.G VIP membership request here.


D.A.M.G Team work closely with you to research and provide song suggestions (upcoming, new, or catalog material) for your projects. Our team’s constructive working knowledge of DAMG’s catalog combined with an inspired understanding of music, have been essential to consistently successful song placement.

Contact D.A.M.G Film and TV Department for information on other songs or additional song suggestions or to have a custom music search completed for you.

For personalised services, contact DAMG Film & TV Creative Services:

Looking for song ideas for your next project?

At Discovering Arts Music Group we offer you a new level of convenience and accessibility to our catalogs. Using our Client Login Area , you can enter or select your own criteria, as well as search on a specific song title (or portion of a song title) and/or an artist or songwriter’s name. You can also select a musical genre or decade, the subject of lyrics, or the date range in which a song was released.

DAMG controls both the master and publishing. Search by date range, subject, genre, chart hit, mood, language, tempo, instrument, vocals, and more.

Music supervisors can visit D.A.M.G’s Master and Publishing for a more simplified, streamlined licensing process. Search for songs that are controlled 100% by D.A.M.G world-wide or select from our database of songs on which we own both publishing and master rights.

Music Supervisors for motion pictures, television, and advertising agencies are allowed privileged downloading and streaming capabilities on the D.A.M.G Licensing section of the site and are sent samplers of our current and upcoming singles, catalog and selections focused on the keywords and subjects that you regularly need. Click here to request D.A.M.G VIP membership.